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Our First Day as Foster Parents

I can’t believe we have two little ones at our home today, the same day we are placed on the list. When I saw four missed calls from my husband this afternoon, I knew something was up. I call him back and he tells me, “Did you see my text?” I respond, “No, I just called you right away cause I’m still working.” He says, “We got a call for two little ones. Four year old little girl and her two year old brother. That’s all the information we have. Want to do say yes?” I immediately said, “Yes!” We had already decided since we finalized our certification that the first call we would get, we would say yes. So we did. God’s will is for us to help these children, so there’s no need to pray about it, think about it or wait and see.

I left work early and went straight home. I found my very good friend M.B. helping my hubby put the crib together. I love my friend. This is a woman who has always been there for us, ready and willing to help out with our needs. I’m so grateful and blessed to have this kind of support. So, when I get home, they are almost done with the crib and then M.B. goes to pick up a toddler bed that another good friend was going to give us.

Due to confidentiality purposes, we will identify them as Zoe Girl (ZG) – 4 yr old and Zoe Boy (ZB) – 2 yr old. Zoe means LIFE. That’s my prayer for these children; that they may be filled with Life – God given Life, Spirit filled Life. Okay, so then the social worker calls us. He is on his way with the two little ones. They arrive around 6pm. They come out from the car. ZB just looks at me and stays quiet. ZG is so talkative and just so comfortable and immediately begins to tell us about her toys. I thought about this moment for the past 9 months. I had questions like: What would it be like when they arrived? What will they look like? What will I say? But at that moment, none of those questions mattered. When you see those faces, you just try to welcome them as best as you can. They have just been removed from their home, their comfort, their families and all that they know. The least I can do is just be present with them.

Once their inside, they begin to play with their toys. They did not want to eat anything. ZG wanted was water and ZB wanted milk. We took them a bath and they loved it. They played in the tub with toys. Now, to get them to sleep was a bit of a struggle, but for what they just went through, I think it’s reasonable. ZG had so much energy. She did ask me when she would go home to her mom. My response was, “I’m not sure, but tonight you will stay here with us. You are safe here. Tomorrow is a new day and maybe we’ll know more.” My heart sank!! ZB was almost asleep and doesn’t speak much. It’s ZG who has the questions now. I just pray I know how to handle these questions as the days go bye.

As I sit here it’s 12:50 am and I’m sipping on some chamomile tea. I can’t sleep! I just feel so honored and blessed that our home is being used to welcome and protect these children. This is what Jesus meant when he said in James 1:27, “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” (NLT) Life is about these very moments.

After all the turmoil and last minute shopping, I have so much peace. This can only be from God. I know things are still too soon to know what will happen. I’m not worried about that just yet. All I know is that they are here tonight. Tomorrow is another day. Oh wait! It’s already tomorrow. J I know that it is possible that any day these children may be reunified with their mother (and my prayer is that God does what’s best for these children), but I will enjoy my time with them just for today.

Today’s Prayer: Lord, thank you for your grace and mercy. They are new every morning. We ask for strength – just for today Lord. Give us your wisdom and revelation to know what is right, good and true. To be able to speak words of life to these children. We pray for their mother. Keep her safe Lord. Bring the resources she needs in her life. We trust in You!

We Want to Hear from You! – What about you? Where are you in your journey? Share with us what your first day looked like?

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