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Our Journey Through the Foster-Adoption Certification Process

It’s been a long journey, but we did it! We are now certified Foster-Adoption Parents. Thank you Olive Crest for all the support you have given us, for your professionalism and wonderful staff. We don’t have a child placed in our home yet, but we are getting ready for the arrival. We want to share a little bit about what our journey. Here’s a bit of what you can look forward to in this process.

Our journey began back in June 15, 2011. We submitted an application with Child Share – check them out at:  http://childshare.org. We met with one of their representatives. They basically recruit families and link them to several organizations like Olive Crest. So, we chose Olive Crest for their faith-based principles. Once the application was submitted, Olive Crest was very prompt in following up with us.  Visit Olive Crest’s Website: http://www.olivecrest.org

The first step was to fill out the paperwork. Then we met with an Olive Crest Foster Family Specialist. Nothing fancy okay… they just want to get to know you. Then we met with our Adoption Social Worker for a long interview. I think ours was about four hours. She interviewed my husband and myself individually. Then she interviewed us together. Thankfully we did not have to take any counseling or read additional material before getting approved to continue. Both our family specialist and adoption social worker were warm and just made us feel comfortable. They are truly great individuals.

So, how are you doing so far? It sounds like a lot right? Well, it is. I mean, a child is being placed in your home. They do this so that they find good homes for these wounded children. These children deserve the best possible care. What helped us get through is basically just being yourself. Letting the staff really get to know your personality and who you are. A better match is found that way. It’s for the sake of the child or children being placed in your home.

Okay, so once that is done there is a checklist they give you to help you in the certification journey. Following is a list of some of the Certification Checklist items needed in the process:
• Fingerprints
• Health Screening, Physical & TB Test
• Copies of: Driver’s License, DMV printout, Liability Insurance, Dog shots, Proof of Income, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Home owner’s insurance, Car insurance
• Emergency Disaster Floor Plan
• Family Photo for Homestudy
• HIPAA Quiz
• CPR, 1st Aid Classes
• Trainings: Pre-Certification, Pre-Certification Manual, Attachment, Parenting Across Cultures, Basic Adoption and Eliana Gil Booklet
• Babysitter: They also need to have most of the paperwork along with TB Test, Fingerprints, CPR and 1st Aid Class

I know, looks like a lot. The key is to get yourself a folder and put everything in there and check off the list as you go. Prioritize – Start with fingerprints since they take the longest. Then, start on the trainings. Organization is key in helping you stay on top of things.

We were certified by the end of March – A total of 9 months! It can be done in a shorter time, but due to other factors in our lives, we chose to take it slow. The process has not been easy, but we can say that Olive Crest does a great job at helping you navigate through the process a bit easier. We’ve changed our profile numerous times as the days went by, but finalized it right before we got certified. A profile is the information you give them of what gender, age, cultural/race you are looking for. We ended up with: Male, age 0-5, any race, if he has a sibling (boy or girl) that would be fine as well.

What’s next for our family? Well, our name gets listed on the county roster beginning today, April 16th. We’ve been told we can get a phone call the same day, two weeks later, three months to even six months later. This means, we don’t know. It can be a bit overwhelming, but we are also very excited.

Okay, well that’s enough information for you. Stay tuned as we begin sharing our learnings with you. We are planning on doing some podcasts as well (my husband prefers talking, while I prefer writing), so we came to conclude we’ll do both. We hope you find this blog both helpful and inspirational. We do want this to be a place for you to ask questions, give comments and feedback. So please engage as much as possible. This is the way we all learn from each other.

Click here if you want to read more about the steps for becoming a Foster-Adoption Parent:


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